(was going to call it Phylum Chordata the taxonomic class that animals with backbones belong to, but that would be showing off wouldn't it?)
Look - rustic, edgy assembly of tin, copper and curly bits of torch fired enamel and some handmade chain.
Lookit the back 
A skully to go with the bone/vertebra thingy!

Then some sweet tweets

 And trying to figure out the optimal operation of a new 2nd hand camera.

Some earrings made with my unglazed ceramic bells. And a little surprise inside.

Nice glowing gold leaf.

Can you see it? What have I done? Yep gold! Gleaming Glinting Gold. A delicious plum enamel element, aquamarine frosted recycled glass beads and gold ringie-thingies. Tempted to keep this one.

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  1. Phylum Chordata, torch fired birds and curly bits followed up by gleaming glinting gold?! Yum-Delicious indeed!