Purloining the Pig

Green Heart Trade beads with lovely crusty bits
Tiny clay tube beads                       http://img0.etsystatic.com/il_fullxfull.300790260.jpg
Indonesian glass beads in mottled matte green
    Antique pink Indonesian glass
                      Indonesian Glass Beads - Lavender (15 pieces)
More Indonesian glass in a soft dusty mauve
All the above from geographicformations

  A humungous pile of leather pieces from Eugenia Transylvania 
Red Yak bone prayer beads

White Yak bone prayed beads

Ceramic scarabs
 Turkoman stamped squares

Turkoman buttons
All from UberKuchi

Mexican  Milagros from alamo2003 
 A bunch of silver bangles from hinic1 
Alas my piggy bank now looks like this . . . .

Back in the Swing

Take These Broken Wings - romantic rusted assemblage mis-matched tribal pewter pink gemstones earrings
Take These Broken Wings
Rust, dark pewter and pale dreamy pink.
Oh, and yes that cute little round thingy is a hammered press stud and yes you can nick this idea!

 Ghost Nets
 Edgy, gritty and definitely unhinged!
 Environmental Statement earrings.

Ghost nets are fishing nets that have been lost accidentally, or deliberately discarded at sea.. They travel the oceans of the world with the currents and tides, continually fishing as they progress through the waters. They.trap a wide range of marine species including turtles, dolphins, whales, seabirds, dugong, crabs, fish and sharks.

Marine debris is such a danger to the marine environment that it is a 'Key Threatening Process.'

These gritty, edgy environmental statement earrings have been designed from salvaged metals patinaed to look as though they have spent years in the ocean. The aqua apatite nuggets represent the sea through which the nets have trawled.

Down the Rabbit Hole . . .

That's what I feel I have done the last few weeks.
Have not made a single piece of jewelery, but made lots of messes. Then I realised that the deadline for the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery exhibition, 'Park Benches', was coming up fast so I had to get my derriere in gear.
Jenni from Jenni's Beads had a post about her visit to the garden and nursery of 'Cloudhill' near my old home city of Melbourne. She took a series of photos showcasing the garden, including this wonderful rusty garden seat.
It was just perfect for the B.R.A.G. exhibition and she graciously allowed me to use her inspirational photo.
As you can see the my obsession with all things rust took over.
OK, off with the smock and beret and see if I can get the 'grunge-studio' debris under control.

Home - Home at Last

Took some time to visit the family while my son was away on business.
Boy I had forgotten how full on a mob of little kids can be! Didn't take long for the old mothering skills to surface and had it all under control after a few days.
When it came time to come home Jupiter Pluvius decided that a torrential rain event was just the ticket and the highway home was flooded in several places.
Have spent this week catching up on stuff and photographing some earrings I made before the trip.
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