Non Jewelry Stuff

The last coupla weeks have been taken up with going back to our old house for some repairs and cleaning so that a letting agent can find us a new tenant. So there is no new beady stuff at-all at-all.
There is however. . .
Main house frames going up!
So shortly we will have a house shaped empty space. Bring on the flooring! 

A Lot to do about Nothing #2

AK! Blogger took to my original post and hacked out photos and other funny stuff, so had to delete and repost.
Grrrrrr now where was I oh yes. . . 

Started 3 weeks ago. DH went to our old house and picked up my glass kiln - all 1 & a bit tonnes of it! Drove back in the pouring (unseasonable) rain. Successfully man/woman handled into the shed.
Our plan was to go and get the last of our furniture the following weekend. More rain so we delayed.

2am start for the 5 hour trip. Loaded furniture crashed at son's joint for the night and left early the following morning.

Successfully man/woman handled that lot into the shed. 

Make mental note: I am getting toooo old for all this lifting, heaving, shuffling and carrying shit. Took me a few days to recover and I have the bruises to prove it.

Was hoping this week that the steel main frames for our house would be delivered and installed, but looks like next week.

On the jewelery front played with making random shaped holes in copper. Don't have a proper jeweler's saw, just a crappo from the hardware that ain't up to the job. So grabbed the hole punch pliers and nibbled an organic shaped hole. A quick rip with the file to remove the sharp bits and hmmmmmmm this could work.

Decided to do an overfired white enamel finish, but loved the effect on the 'back' better.

Now do they work with the danglies?

 or without?
Mmmmmm Dunno. . . .
But I do love the colours.