Wild Wednesday

Sometimes words are not needed

Quiet Beauty

The bark on some of the trees here is truly beautiful. Wonderful texture and amazing colours!


Etsy Shop Re-Opened

I have re-opened my Etsy shop.
If I sell some jewellery I will HAVE to get out all my jewellery making stuff!
Hehehe - method in my madnes

Gumleaf Tea

Can't believe we have been her 4 weeks! Seems like we have always been here and all the problems we've have all melted away. In fact we scarcely give the situation a thought.

In this time we have made ourselves a comfortable temporary nest. Ordered 2 watertanks. Booked a tree-feller to remove and mulch 20 large gum trees for the solar power system. Cleared the wattle from where the house will be built. Cleared the road down to our creek.
As this blog is supposed to be about jewellery and creative endeavours I have started another blog filled with all our adventures.
Would love you to follow as we build our new life.
Gumleaf Tea

On a very promising note, Gin Gin has a craft gallery and my approch to place some of my jewellery was very well received. I am tempted to get all by beading supplies out, but there is really no room in our little home so will have to show great restraint. In the mean time I am still visiting all my favourite blogs, but due to battery time on the laptop, don't usually comment. Loving what I'm seeing!