The Good, the Sad, the Bad and Marsala

The Good 
I now have a fully functioning kitchen with cupboard doors. (Hooray no more dust, dead moths/bugs or peek-a-boo geckos)
The best bit, besides acres of bench space, is a fully functioning gas cooker. Mmmmmmmmmm roasts, home made pizza, cakes that is, until the novelty wears off

The Sad 
We lost our beautiful, sweet, Kelpie girl, Gidgee from an autoimmune blood disease. 

The Bad
The week we lost Gidgee, my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's. This kind of diagnosis is not something anyone wants to hear, but at least now he knows why he has these puzzling symptoms. Has been on meds for just over a month and the difference is noticable. Not up to full dose strength yet, but we are hopeful for a much more significant improvement.

and Marsala 

In my roaring days I recall drinking Marsala. I remember the cloying sweetness of the wine and I remember this sweetness being tempered by the addition of beer. That's right in the same glass! 
I do not recall however, the headache that must have ensued.
Ahhhhh the Perfume of Delirium!