Makies and other Stuff

All the house plumbing stuff is finally finished (apart from the 2 new water tanks). Hot running water at last! Oh yes - civilization!

Ashes of Imperfect Flight - black kyanite fan, more distressed tinned solder and natural linen. Gone over the ditch to live in the 'Shakey Isles'

Mellifera - brought about by helping DH clean out an old Landcruiser ute that has sat quietly rusting for more than 10 years, and found a length of slotted metal. I can use this I thought . . .
Teamed with some of my ceramic beads with flame fired enamel, and rather delicious little golden glass drops 

OK hands up all those who have not read the size properly when buying beads and stuff?
Yep I did. Thought these cabochons would be just right for my first attempt at a bezel, but when they arrived they were tiny!
Called for a complete rethink. So did a no solder bezel and captured the cabochon with a backing plate. Sneaky right?

And . . . my first ever custom order! Variation on a theme.