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Gorgeous mermaid charms are looking for a home,and they are just the thing for a southern summer bracelet or necklace. (My favourite is the mercat)
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Art Bead Scene to enter. I'm in what about you?


What is sprummer you may well ask?
Well as the northern latitudes slowly slide gently into autumn, here in subtropical Queensland, we are at the end of the cool season - (read winter) and also well into the dry. Not for us the gentle awakening of spring, soft rain, blue skies, bulbs pushing up from the ground, soft green leaves unravelling and blossoms on bare boughs.
We get sprummer.
As the orbit of the earth grows closer to the sun and the axis tilts, suddenly the heat of summer has arrived. The air is filled with dust and haze and the smoke from fires that break out this time of the year. Some of the subtropical trees are beginning to drop their leaves in preparation for new growth when the rains come. In the mean time we are hot, and dry with itchy eyes and hanging out for the first storms of the season to bring cooling rain to renew the land.

Art Bead Scene Challenge

I have been following some of the Art Bead Scene monthly challenges and love the idea of having a set theme and seeing all the different interpretations of that theme. The challange for August is based of the wonderful Japanese woodcut print
"Great Wave off Kanagawa."

I have toyed with submitting to previous challenges, but always developed cold feet and let them slip by. This time I have made up my mind to have a go, after all no one bites!
I was attracted to the limited cool palette and the movement. So here is my interpretation of the block print.
The focal is glazed polymer clay with blue-grey seed beads, blue howlite rondelles, bronze pearl spacers, lapis cubes, vintaj chain and closer.
This necklace would look just great with denim and soft greys - all it needs is a name any ideas? How does Denim grab you?

To see the other entries go here

I'm a Winner!

As someone who rarely wins givaways, raffles or lucky door prizes I was delighted to be selected by Angie Coulter of Which Colour Beads for her giveaway this month. Five pieces of Vintaj brass (which I love) will soon be in my mail box!
Angie is a lovely obliging person so drop in and visit her website.

Thanks Angie

Secret Garden

Old Keys are wonderful objects as they are inherently mysterious. Their function is to lock or unlock something. Perhaps a old box with a hidden treasure, a door to a forgotten room ( or a dust cupboard full of mops!). Best of all is a key that unlocks an old iron gate that leads to a . . . .
Secret Garden.