A Lonely Place

Continuous pain is a lonely place and the most lonesome place of all is in the wee small hours of the night. There is something about night that amplifies pain. The quietness, the empty house, the darkness all seem to fold and wrap the pain in endless layers. Such was my fate over the weekend.

It would appear that I have been very lucky and developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

As a result, I am now wearing this rather fetching quasi- steampunk wrist brace. I would much rather it was in soft, well worn, brown, hand-stitched leather with brass buckles and rows of rivets and perhaps a gear or two or maybe rows of eyelets and with leather thonging.
But I'm stuck with this. At least it's my left hand and all the pain has now gone.
*sigh*. I forsee a long road unfolding


Give Me a Hand & Lend Me Your Ear

"Display your jewellery on a live model so your customers can see what it looks like when worn"
So says all the selling advice.

A bracelet gracefully displayed on a slim and elegant hand. An earrings swinging from a shell-pink ear and a necklace artfully draped around a curvacious swan-like neck. Yep that should do it.

I tried my hand - not exactly slim and elegent and eeeek where did those brown spots come from?
The ears - well less said the better, and the swan-like neck is fast becoming more like a turkey neck, wattles and all!

Necklace is easy, lots of a mannequins available. I have one coming that conveniently hangs from a coat hanger and stores in the wardrobe.
Bracelet and earrings, hmmmmmmm  though of 'liberating' the hand of a store mannequin and briefly toyed with the idea of kidnapping some young nubile female with all the above attributes and hold her captive as my live model, but the food and maintenance bill would probably kill me so I came up with this.




Which display method do you prefer? The photo, the drawing, the kidnapped nubile young female?
It should be noted that me, warts and all is NOT being offered as an option!

Etsy Treasury - Spring Green

Had fun putting together my first Etsy Treasury!