Become. . .

be.come [bih-kuhm]  
alter, change, transform, come to be, develop, emerge, grow, mature, metamorphose, ripen, shift, wax
A beautiful ceramic affirmation focal from Earthenwood Studio
Heavy brass wire that has been flattened, curved and distressed, as sometimes we must be.
More brass wire has been curled and spiralled to remind us that the state of becoming is not always straight forward.
An artisan made lamp work bead from Radiant Mind, to remind us that following our heart is part of the process.
Amazonite - for your hopes and dreams
A tiny key to unlock your path and open doors
And finally a little pewter flower as a vision of what we can become when we fully bloom. 

I Have Closure!

No NO now I've scared you away! This is not some long winded gushing about my life.

This post is about closure - you know BUTTONS!
All started with some buttons I made for a friend, then thing spiralled out of control and I went nuts.
They were so much fun to make and there are more to come.

These are off to our local gallery on their handmade cards coloured with tea.

What do you think of the idea of making them as brooches? The gallery has a lot of visits from 'grey nomads' on their way north/south and I have an idea for a range of Aussie icons which I think will appeal.