I Have Closure!

No NO now I've scared you away! This is not some long winded gushing about my life.

This post is about closure - you know BUTTONS!
All started with some buttons I made for a friend, then thing spiralled out of control and I went nuts.
They were so much fun to make and there are more to come.

These are off to our local gallery on their handmade cards coloured with tea.

What do you think of the idea of making them as brooches? The gallery has a lot of visits from 'grey nomads' on their way north/south and I have an idea for a range of Aussie icons which I think will appeal.


  1. These look like a lot of fun - I especially like 'wattle I do'. Definitely try a line of brooches.

  2. you did great job!! love the presentation too!!

  3. You're a genius! Not only are the buttons adorable, fun and unique but your concept for marketing them is amazing. I love the name for the line "Closure" .... perfect! And the card that you designed where the button serves as the "O" in Closure ... geez! This is so wonderful! I hope you sell millions!

  4. These are fantabulous! I think the idea of making brooches is great. Grey nomads eat that sort of thing up. So easy to pick up for yourself or a gift.

  5. These are just awesome! I really, really like them and can totally seen them as pins! Best of luck at the gallery!