no capitals

that's right, there  will be no capital letters in this post. not one. which will probably make it hard to read. a bit like trying to decypher one of those not 'plain english' legal documents. you know the ones, full of aforesaids and no punctuation. just one huge paragraph.
why no capitals, i hear you ask, well i am typing with the 'hunt and peck' method with only my right hand. 
for some reason my carpel tunnel problem has flared up big time and 24 x 7 wrist brace and rest is my only option. so no typing and no beading aaaaarrrrrg. oh and no exclaimation marks either. hopefully another week and i will be back in action.
sigh . . . can't wait.


  1. Sorry to hear you are in pain, Greer. Sending get-well-real-quick wishes and just for good measure, carpel-tunnel-problems-go-away wishes.

  2. Oh Greer - you poor gal - I hope you get better soon - it's such a painful experience.. take care and rest.. Vicki :)

  3. oh no, i sure hope your wrist gets better soon!