Makies - FINALLY!

Yep finally stopped procrastinating with these . . .
My variation on the faceted polymer beads from the tut by Richelle of Shipwreck Dandy.
Don't look at the out of focus! nothing worked. 
Light green translucent clay with metalic acrylic ink. Slightly asymmetrical with wild wire beadcaps. Tempted to keep these. 

More polymer beads this time in translucent peatbog brown with tiny silver flecks.
Jaunty little recycled tin bead caps, red coral and gold utee eye pins and some of my ceramic drops

Next - Swept Ashore
Using my favourite overfired white liquid enamel. Even the ceramic sorta marine creature shape on the right side got a trip through the torch and enamel.
 Cowry shell with embossing powder
and the back just to show you I can be neat.
 Even made some earrings that sorta match
Now, when I find the rest of my photographic props, can finish the photos and get them into my shop.