Introducing. . . .

Isaac - the brand new addition to clan McNeill! Grandma and Grandpa beaming, oh and so are mum and dad. He's the first boy!

More Dust

You could be forgiven for thinking this is a rising moon, it is actually the setting sun sinking into another approaching dust cloud. The boffins tell us that it will not be as bad as the last one, but I can smell and taste the dust so time will tell.

Dust Storm!

Wild and wooly weather here. Stong winds have picked up tons of dust from way out west and is dumping it on us. Everything is gritty and orange and even with the doors shut, dust is still getting into the house. *Sigh* I hate cleaning!


The remembered autumns from my childhood. Dry brown leaves crunching underfoot, green acorns with bronze caps growing plump on the oak trees and bright red berries.

Brass focal with aged patina
Coral rounds
Bronzite ovals
czech glass
bronze pearl spacers
vintage bronze lucite cone bead
handstitched silk ribbon
vintaj brass
As a bonus the beads on the focal make a delightful tinkle when they move.

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Don't Throw It Out!

Have spent the last four days without hot water, and, as a result DH and I have become dab-hands at the bucket shower.
Finally service bloke came and removed the offending element. I took one look at the wonderful colour of the copper tube of the element and I can see spacers and other things. Now if I can just find the pipe cutter. . . . .

Wildwood Flower

About 4 months ago I went to a bead show in Brisbane. Usually bead shows here get to share floor space with quilting shows, but this was beads and gemstones on their own!, so I set off with high hopes of snaring some treasures.
Now I should explain that I have this problem when looking for something. Either,
1. nobody makes or keeps what I have in mind or
2. they stopped making/importing it 4 years ago
Welllll - the show was ok, bearing in mind the two above points. Bought a few strands of gemstones, some porcelain beads and a few other bits.
While examining some strands, these cats-eye chips lept off the hook and fell at my feet. Ah-ha said I they have chosen me and they were rather nice colours and shapes, so I took them home.

Last week I was watching a program about flowering plants and it featured the alpine meadows of China and all the wonderful wildflowers. For days the phrase wildwood flowers kept going round in my head and I remembered these chips and thought they did look like little splashes of coloured flowers, and the result is Wildwood Flower

The Joys of a Metal Roof

We have a corregated iron roof on our house.
There is something about this material that is part of the Australian psyche. Early settlers with their bark huts and iron rooves, countless outback shearing sheds, iron-rooved country pubs and still in the landscape, timber and iron sheds neglected and leaning, grey timber and rusted iron a study in gentile decay.
A corregated iron roof will sing. The gentle' tic, tic, toing', as the roof expands in the sun and a similar song when the heat has gone. On 'in-out days' when the sun pops behind clouds they sing even more.
At night the local brushtail possums use our roof as a shortcut between the eucalypts. For such a small animal they have a very heavy tread - 'bomp, bomp,bomp' and, if they chose to run you can be forgiven for thinking there is a clydesdale horse on the roof! It always brings a smile to our faces.
The best thing of all is when it rains. It has been 2 months since we had any good rain and a few nights ago we were able to go to bed with the gentle sound of rain on the roof. Bliss.
I feel sorry for people who don't have an iron roof


After much lamenting about how, if it was raining soup I'd get stuck with a fork, it looks like my fork might JUST be leaning towards a teeny spoon.
Entered a give-away and wadayaknow here is my booty. Some chaledony and smokey quartz.


Just got a copy of the new Australian Beading magazine and there I am on
page 15 right hand side.
Lotsa clapping and jumping up and down!

Followers Welcome

I'd like to welcome all the people who have chosen to follow my humble blog. I love the sense of connection and community the internet offers.
Hugs to all

Autumn at the Garden Gate

Every month Vintaj Brass have a design challenge.
This month the theme is "Orchard's Palette"
The inspiration comes from autumn - the colours of the leaves, fruit and berries.
I imagine an old neglected orchard, trees intertwined glowing with colour. The last of the summer dragonflies flit among the branches in the warm sunshine and brambles grow by the old gate.
UPDATE:- go to
HERE to see the other beautiful entries