Wildwood Flower

About 4 months ago I went to a bead show in Brisbane. Usually bead shows here get to share floor space with quilting shows, but this was beads and gemstones on their own!, so I set off with high hopes of snaring some treasures.
Now I should explain that I have this problem when looking for something. Either,
1. nobody makes or keeps what I have in mind or
2. they stopped making/importing it 4 years ago
Welllll - the show was ok, bearing in mind the two above points. Bought a few strands of gemstones, some porcelain beads and a few other bits.
While examining some strands, these cats-eye chips lept off the hook and fell at my feet. Ah-ha said I they have chosen me and they were rather nice colours and shapes, so I took them home.

Last week I was watching a program about flowering plants and it featured the alpine meadows of China and all the wonderful wildflowers. For days the phrase wildwood flowers kept going round in my head and I remembered these chips and thought they did look like little splashes of coloured flowers, and the result is Wildwood Flower


  1. your work is pretty- i love vintaj too... the warm metal just adds so much depth to designs... thanks for the comment - you have more supplies for etching than i do... why is it that you have glycerine? it was fun... lots to work on... but i think i may love the inconsistency of the results, i tend to not be a 'neat and tidy' person that way... have a great day!

  2. Thanks Maire, my etching is a DIY. Sorry - not glycerine its peroxide to replenish the acid (senior moment) Cheers