A Soggy Summer Solstice

In my blog-hopping I have seen tranquil pictures of snow covered fields, trees and houses all white calm and silent.
Here in Queensland it should be hot with the sun shining and a thunderstorm or two to cool things down and keep us on our toes.
Instead we have rain, rain and still more rain.
The creek is up and we are flooded in.
Our plans to travel to our son's for Christmas have been washed away in the swift flowing brown water and it would seem that Jupiter Pluvius has not finished with us yet. Forecast to the end of the year a possible further 300mm.
Such is life in the land of droughts and flooding rains.

Would like to wish everyone a safe and merry Christmas or Summer or Winter Solstice as the case may be. May your day be filled with peace, good food and good times with all the people you love.

Oh and Santa, if you're planning to call on us, I suggest you swap the reindeer and sleigh for an inflatable flood boat with a couple BIG outboards on the back and watch out for the crocs!

What I have been doing

Well it has been 4 months since we ran away to live in our little gunyah in the bush, so I thought I'd show you what I have been working on during this time.

Here is a composite of designs. Notice the beautiful artisan made beads and pendants. See the close-ups of the artfully connected components and the beauty and colour of the beads.

      You can't see anything?

Truth is I have not done anything, unless you count blog hopping and perusing Etsy and other bead sites. I feel that I am again waiting waiting waiting and my frustration is rising. I would walk passed my boxes and read my book to see what was in them. Sometimes I would even give them a shake to see if they rattled.
I really cannot wait for the house to be built before I set up my studio.
So I looked at the shed and decided that moving some of the boxes around would give me enough space at the back of the shed to set up. So I did!

Pretty Luxurious eh?
I think I can claim that I probably have the grungiest studio going. Its dark at the back of the shed, dusty in spite of the carpet on the ground. Its hot and stuffy mostly because the breezes don't penetrate and being a contortionist and having a love for maze solving is a pre-requisite.
Still, it is my little corner and I have been re-discovering all my treasures, including the last project I had started. There were even some treasures I didn't get to open before we left. Even if I don't make anything, just being able to see and hold the beads is balm to the soul!