Have always had an abiding affection for all members of the Cephalopod family. 
As a child on beach holidays I could always find an octopus including the highly venemous blue-ringed variety to which I fed muscles.
(Oh the blissful ignorance of youth)
I swam in the kelp with squid and have even been lucky enough to see a paper nautilus in it's natural habitat.
Since my widdle paited wabbit came out so well, and I do have a huge pile of china paint, how could I resist?

Multiple layers of china paint and a final layer of clear enamel.
Couldn't resist a little fun on the counter enamel side.
Then, of course, I needed beads that reflected the weedy cluttered environment I imagined my wee beastie inhabiting.
Que the polymer clay.
Lovely multi layered, crubbly, glowing kelpaliscious colours.
And a nod to salty basalt rocks.


Definitely got my cephalopod love on!