Bead Table Frenzy !

errr I mean Bead Table Wednesday. 
On second thoughts after looking at my desk was right the first time.
And that's just a portion of the mess. I have really out done myself this time - goes around the corners and down both sides.

First I made/found a few polymer clay moulds
Naturally I forgot to take any photos of the steps between, but this is the result. A mob of polymer clay pendants and bezels

A cute little midnight owl. Love how this one turned out so think he's a keeper
 Two little nestling baby birds. The one on the left is on a brown clay background and the other on white. Not sure of these probably need more work.
Two poppy field bezels again white and brown clay backgrounds. Think these are keepers.

3 starfish variations.
A couple of texture experiments. Really like the left one.
And a little ladybird bezel.

Now my penance for all this activity and chaos is to clean up the Grunge Studio. . . . 

Larger than Life

This is a stick insect I found.

This is how big it was!

Relax! apart from being a bit spikey they are only dangerous if you happen to be a delicious, succulent young eucalyptus leaf.

BTW - only just

About two months ago I borrowed Grant Diffendaffer's book Polymer Clay Beads from the local library. His method of creating textured beads really appealed to me. (Lots of steps, new techniques and new tools and above all surprises) However, I could only read and not do until this week when I was able to fire up my little toaster oven.
Spent a day making texture plates and beads from odds and sods of clay.

Just a few experiments and although time consuming I love the outcomes. Next to try are flexible textures for round and other shaped beads.

Oh and I did return the library book after only three renewals! 

Bead Table Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

Trying to work out the time zone differences so that my post arrives on the right day is doing my head in so it could be early or late woteva!

This is the centre of my bead table. 
Absolutely nothing on it.
Or is there?

You will note the bright glow on the right hand side. This is caused by electricity running from our solar panels down to the light bulb.
Finally our system is fully installed and we have power any time day or night. 
No more beading by torchlight!
(Insert audio of loud clapping and squeeling)

I have soooo many ideas bouncing around in my brain, swirling, cannoning of each other, scratched down on any available piece of paper and hoping I can remember where 'somewhere safe' is.
Sorting through metal, enamels, beads, focals, polymer clay, clasps, wire, soldering paste, torches, sheet metal, tools I have, tools on order and tools I lust after.
Life is good.