Bead Table Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

Trying to work out the time zone differences so that my post arrives on the right day is doing my head in so it could be early or late woteva!

This is the centre of my bead table. 
Absolutely nothing on it.
Or is there?

You will note the bright glow on the right hand side. This is caused by electricity running from our solar panels down to the light bulb.
Finally our system is fully installed and we have power any time day or night. 
No more beading by torchlight!
(Insert audio of loud clapping and squeeling)

I have soooo many ideas bouncing around in my brain, swirling, cannoning of each other, scratched down on any available piece of paper and hoping I can remember where 'somewhere safe' is.
Sorting through metal, enamels, beads, focals, polymer clay, clasps, wire, soldering paste, torches, sheet metal, tools I have, tools on order and tools I lust after.
Life is good.


  1. Hooray!!!! Can't wait to see what your pent up creativity is going to come up with.

  2. A clean slate can be a fun place to jumpstart your creativity. Have fun working on your next project!

  3. It's so clean you're going to have to mess it up again with something beautiful! Have fun with your new light source!