BTW - only just

About two months ago I borrowed Grant Diffendaffer's book Polymer Clay Beads from the local library. His method of creating textured beads really appealed to me. (Lots of steps, new techniques and new tools and above all surprises) However, I could only read and not do until this week when I was able to fire up my little toaster oven.
Spent a day making texture plates and beads from odds and sods of clay.

Just a few experiments and although time consuming I love the outcomes. Next to try are flexible textures for round and other shaped beads.

Oh and I did return the library book after only three renewals! 


  1. This looks absolutely intriguing, Greer! Can't wait to see more.

  2. The beginnings of something great! And, I love what you did with the enamel and your snazzy torch set up. Genius!

  3. I always love learning new things and polymer is on my list too! Looks like you made some great beads.