I have of late, been a neglectful woman.
The construction of the house has consumed me utterly. This combined with weeks of extreme temperatures has sucked out all creative inspiration. My 'grunge studio' is in a state of chaos with proto projects in forgotten piles and leaves scattered on the bench from the hot dry winds and I have no motivation to even clean up.
Christmas and a family wedding have drawn me away and this week events consisted of deja vu in the form of catastrophic flooding in Queensland and New South Wales, again for the second time. We had 90% of our annual rainfall in 72 hours and apart from a few leaks, one over my side of the bed (naturally) we have only had to wait until our local creek was passable.
My hear aches for all the people affected by the floods and hope they have the courage to dig deep and rebuild their lives again.
I have been neglectful of my blog and worst of all, I have been neglectful of my online friends. I am slowly working my way through everyone's posts and hope I am forgiven for not commenting.