Alien Tongue

Have been reading some science fiction short stories the last few week and they have wormed their way into my mind.
It is an intriguing idea that perhaps, in our distance past, alien feet stood upon the soil of Earth, alien eyes gazed upon the landscape and alien tongue was whispered to the waiting air. . . . 
Perhaps in our distant future alien eyes will stand on another planet, alien eyes will gaze upon that landscape and the alien tongue will be ours.

Metal Stash Reveal

Looks like my creative endeavours are coming to an end for a while with the arrival of this.
More nesting material!
Doesn't look much, but it weighs in at 3.5 tonnes.
But you didn't come for pictures of piles of C, top hat section and main frame did you?
Ok ok no pushing everyone calm down. If you stand in a line everyone will get to see.
 Tears of Atlantis
Rolled kuchi charms with aquatic patina. Vintage sequins a bitta-bling and big fat glass drops

 Another bangle stack - Stella Maris

 Temporal Asymmetry
Polymer rounds, mother of pearl buttons, rusty red ceramic spacer, hammered and patinaed wire.

A Gap Week

We're having a gap week or so until the next truckload of nesting material arrives so have been able to spend the whole week in the shed.

My first bangle stack - all dusty, rusty and romantic and look PINK!
Have also had this little ladybug that has looked reproachfully at me every time I opened the box, so being on a roll, it became a bangle stack too.
 An finally my muse forgave me for freezing her fingers and turned the wire caged raw citrine into a necklace.
Will try and squeeze a few more creations in before I become Bob the Builder again