Metal Stash Reveal

Looks like my creative endeavours are coming to an end for a while with the arrival of this.
More nesting material!
Doesn't look much, but it weighs in at 3.5 tonnes.
But you didn't come for pictures of piles of C, top hat section and main frame did you?
Ok ok no pushing everyone calm down. If you stand in a line everyone will get to see.
 Tears of Atlantis
Rolled kuchi charms with aquatic patina. Vintage sequins a bitta-bling and big fat glass drops

 Another bangle stack - Stella Maris

 Temporal Asymmetry
Polymer rounds, mother of pearl buttons, rusty red ceramic spacer, hammered and patinaed wire.


  1. Love those deep teal colours, one of my favourites and both sets of earrings rock.

  2. Wonderful new pieces! The colors are beautiful and I'm loving the designs! Tears of Atlantis are amazing. Glad to see you're able to create your great jewelry amidst all of the building going on around you.

  3. Love them all. Very well done!!

  4. I love the heavy metal of your 'real life' juxtaposed with your jewels. A glimpse into the spectrum of construction going on from gargantuan to micro.
    I hope you will still have time to do some of your smaller creations. That's a gorgeous green in the tears of Atlantis.
    I wish I could borrow you for the naming of some of my pieces!

  5. Hey, that nesting material has the same beautiful green patina as the tears of Atlantis. :) And I do love the Tears of Atlantis earrings.

  6. Ohhh, I like them all, but that bangle stack is my favorite! Great colors and textures in all of them!

  7. Hi Greer- a wonderful juxtaposition of large scale to petite scale - that bracelet is so beautiful. Vicki :)