I love peeking into other artist's studios. Some range from coffee tables to beautiful custom made areas with a place for everything and everything in it's place.
So here are some shots of my mess errrr work area

This is storage and includes a little kiln (thinking bronzclay) my trusty toner photocopier. (Its so old the serial number is in roman numerals), various draws of beads and bits'n'bobs
Next is the main work table with more stuff - pasta machine, little oven etc. And no I didn't clean up before the photo. Lastly is the rest of the table on the right hand side.
In case you are wondering what the object is on the far right hand side, it is an intensive care unit. This area also doubles as hospital room for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. The whole room was once devoted to wildlife, but since we are relocating in about 6 months, have cut back drastically on animals. It was not uncomon to have up to 10 birds and animals in this room.
I think their spirits are still there, wild things keep popping into my design ideas

Kidnapped by Numbers

The last two weeks i have been assisting in compiling information for a court case on behalf of the company I used to work for. Early starts and very late finishes and all weekend. The bright spot was I was able to assist my daughter who got the unenviable task of number crunching for the solicitor. (Pretty grim when you consider this kind of activity as "quality time" with your daughter, but anything to help her)
As a result all creative thoughts have been driven from my head, there is mountains of washing to do, the pantry is bare so will be a few more days until I can return to what I really enjoy.

Under the Sea Wind Necklace

The water is aqua from the horizon to your feet. The glassy waves break clear and hiss up the sand. The dunes are stitched by pale grass that, with the assistance of the sea wind, scribbles patterns on the pathway to the beach, and a lighthouse gleams white in the afternoon sun.

One of a kind wash glazed polymer clay focal, czech glass, flat polymer clay spacers, Vintaj brass chain and findings.

When Size Does Matter

This polymer clay focal was originally made to be part of this bracelet....... but I got carried away with the size and it is too large. (I think my muse really wanted a necklace)
Working on another project, my eye keeps going to it, so tonight it will become 'Under the Sea Wind"

Looking Out to Sea

The soft breeze, the salt tang, the sparkles on the water, the cry of gulls, and there you sit on the warm sand...... looking out to sea

Amazonite, aqua fire agate, czech glass, lampwork round, vintaj brass and a brass gull charm.

Marmalade Skies

This is a bracelet made from some of the goodies that have arrived in the mail over the passed few days.The grey and black cracked agate rounds have the most wonderful crazing and a lovely matte surface. A porcelain oval bead, dark grey diagonal spacers, carnelian rondelle, Vintaj brass findings and chain and a brilliant faceted, aurora borealis drop