I love peeking into other artist's studios. Some range from coffee tables to beautiful custom made areas with a place for everything and everything in it's place.
So here are some shots of my mess errrr work area

This is storage and includes a little kiln (thinking bronzclay) my trusty toner photocopier. (Its so old the serial number is in roman numerals), various draws of beads and bits'n'bobs
Next is the main work table with more stuff - pasta machine, little oven etc. And no I didn't clean up before the photo. Lastly is the rest of the table on the right hand side.
In case you are wondering what the object is on the far right hand side, it is an intensive care unit. This area also doubles as hospital room for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. The whole room was once devoted to wildlife, but since we are relocating in about 6 months, have cut back drastically on animals. It was not uncomon to have up to 10 birds and animals in this room.
I think their spirits are still there, wild things keep popping into my design ideas

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