Upsides & Downsides

The universe has certainly tested us in the sector of 'nest building' namely in the process of getting building materials to site.
The council has been working on the bridge over our local creek that was damaged in the floods 12 months ago. This years flood had 20 metres of water roaring down the creek over the bridge and the earthmoving equipment, storage containers and smoko shed and apart from the excavator, everything else was washed away.
This resulted in the load limit of the bridge initially being lowered to 5 ton, then eventually raised to 15 ton. Naturally the last load of building materials plus delivery vehicle was waaay more than 15 ton, but with some local assistance in the form of a smaller crane truck, EVENTUALLY got everything in. 
The result is this - all the cladding finished!!

 The downside at present is that no, nil nothing in the way of jewelry has been made.
My eyesight has deteriorated to the extent that I struggle to work with fine detail. All is not lost as the upside is I am waiting for an appointment with a eye surgeon, Can't wait!