2 Metres of Wire . . .

That's what it took to make these.
So about now you are thinking just how big are these earrings? Or, more likely, you are nodding your head knowing what is to come.
Yep these were the earrings of indecision.
Love the scarabs, especially the soft green. Love the creamy shell and sequins. Had a lovely handmade lampwork round with a spring green core and clear surround. Strung them up, and fed the wire through the scarab and made loops on the ends of the wire. Attached the top section to the loops, but the scarab kept rolling on the pin.
Nip Nip undo
Re did it with the top loop threaded through the scarab which stopped the rolling, but and was umming and ahhhing about the size of the bottom loop.
Nip nip undo
Remake with smaller loop, but dissatisfied with the size of the lampwork bead and how the whole design sat.
Nip nip undo
Discard lampwork bead and find clear glass drops in stash. Rework bottom loop so wire wrapped drop can hang. Re thread cream beads/sequins.
Make two loops in top wire, overlap loops and try on ear wires. Nope no likee that. Needs more green and the overlapping loops pull apart
Nip nip undo
Re do bottom with green glass pearls - much bedda
Re do top wire with different loops, try earwire and pearl - looking good.


Recut all wire and reshape so both earrings are the same-ish. Rewire bottom loop. Rewire top loop, apply dark patina add earwires and FINALLY satisfied.  
Whew think I need a coffee.

These earrings however, took very little wire at all.
 Source of the Nile and Silk Road both in my Etsy shop

Coupla Newies

The Barbary Coast was the term used by Europeans from the 16th until the 19th century to refer to much of the middle and western coastal regions of North Africa – what is now Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.
The name evokes the memories of the Barbary pirates based on the coast in Tunis, Tripoli and Algiers. They attacked merchant ships for their rich cargoes and coastal settlements in the Mediterranean and North Atlantic for slaves.
Today the Barbary Coast is a romantic exotic memory full of rich fabrics, golden treasures, fabulous tales, wooden ships and iron men. 

Ur was a supercontinent formed about 3 billion years ago during the Archeon eon. In the early period of it's existence it was probably the only continent on Earth.
Ur joined with other continents over the eons to eventually form the supercontinent Pangaea.
Rocks that made up Ur are found in Australia, Africa and India.