2 Metres of Wire . . .

That's what it took to make these.
So about now you are thinking just how big are these earrings? Or, more likely, you are nodding your head knowing what is to come.
Yep these were the earrings of indecision.
Love the scarabs, especially the soft green. Love the creamy shell and sequins. Had a lovely handmade lampwork round with a spring green core and clear surround. Strung them up, and fed the wire through the scarab and made loops on the ends of the wire. Attached the top section to the loops, but the scarab kept rolling on the pin.
Nip Nip undo
Re did it with the top loop threaded through the scarab which stopped the rolling, but and was umming and ahhhing about the size of the bottom loop.
Nip nip undo
Remake with smaller loop, but dissatisfied with the size of the lampwork bead and how the whole design sat.
Nip nip undo
Discard lampwork bead and find clear glass drops in stash. Rework bottom loop so wire wrapped drop can hang. Re thread cream beads/sequins.
Make two loops in top wire, overlap loops and try on ear wires. Nope no likee that. Needs more green and the overlapping loops pull apart
Nip nip undo
Re do bottom with green glass pearls - much bedda
Re do top wire with different loops, try earwire and pearl - looking good.


Recut all wire and reshape so both earrings are the same-ish. Rewire bottom loop. Rewire top loop, apply dark patina add earwires and FINALLY satisfied.  
Whew think I need a coffee.

These earrings however, took very little wire at all.
 Source of the Nile and Silk Road both in my Etsy shop


  1. Both are stunning!! And I LOVE how you described your process... it's amazing how much wire can go into a design to make it perfect. But when they turn out this great, you really know it was worth it! :-)

  2. LoL at the title... I feel your pain! That's my goal - to be able to put stuff together & know that it's right and leave it alone!

    I like the scarabs too...in fact I've got some around here somewhere that I've had FOREVER. I should dig those out.

    Well, both pair of earrings turned out great. I like the softness of the greens...and the red combos in the second pair look perfect. Don't touch them! ;)

  3. Yes - the process is a multidirectional path :)
    Have you signed them to make sure they are finished?
    Both are beautiful - love the creamy soft colours of the first pair!
    Wishing you a lovely Easter Sunday...

  4. Phew, I know what you mean Greer, somedays are trial and un do, but the resulting earrings are beautiful, so your persistance has paid off. Thank you for your kind words on my blog, it means a lot to have the support of blogland friends, super especially when times are rough.

  5. I hardly ever get something right the first time - make, undo, make, undo ... it's like a dance. Love the earrings. Kate xoxo

  6. thanks for the comment and visit Greer...those words coming from the masta like u...very nice indeed.
    love your direction too..

  7. So let me get this straight.....you make these fabulous jewels, you write a wonderful post about your process, and you're an amazing tech-whiz?! Wow! Thanks for your wonderful input on my sidebar question. So incredibly nice of you! Will be posting the picture you made for my blog very soon!