Who Turned Out the Lights?

My computer recently decided that it would no longer 'speak' to the AC adaptor. So bought another but to no avail the charger connector on the laptop had died.
Now one of the disadvantages of not living in even a small country town is the length of the line of supply. Luckily I had the service of a 'phone-a-friend' and my daughter was able to get a docking station for the Dell which arrived today. Wooohooo back in the world again.


  1. Was wondering if you were ok, if you were abducted by aliens, if you ran away to Bimini, if you, well any number of possibilities could have explained your absence. Relieved to know it was just your computer and not alien abduction! Hahaha. Hope the problems sort themselves out quick!

  2. The dark side of the internet - all the dang technical equipment that likes to let us down, just so we realize how dependant we are...
    But glad you are back on the light side...