Gainfully Employed

During the Computer Blackout did I fret, champ at the bit, winge, and sulk? (yes, yes, yes and yes)
But I had something else to occupy my attention.
Look at this, one of 40
Then there was this
Yes finally, FINALLY we have started building our house!!!!!!
(Insert wild,outrageous, outa-control happy-dance)

I even managed to squeeze these in as well
 I wonder if my muse will pour cement?


  1. It is very exciting to see your house start to go up. Those earrings are fab. I'm trying to place what the little dangly bits used to be but it escapes me this morning.

  2. Wonderful! Hope the house building is a happy adventure for you! Love the earrings.

  3. Love the earrings.
    How wonderful about your house! Look forward to watching it go up..
    if you plan to share. Are you building it yourselves??

  4. House looks very exciting - are they stumps that are going in? Love the earrings by the way.