Cold and More Stuff

Sometime during the night, the first cold winter winds arrived. Sweeping around a vast high pressure area cell, drawing the cold from the great Southern Ocean and Antarctica itself. And, you guessed it, blowing straight into the shed, wherein the 'Grunge Studio' is located.

Behind the pile of boxes, crates  and other items, waaaay in the back, sandwiched between more boxes, is my little creative bolt hole.

A stitched together photo series show just how small it is. Because of the lack of 'put down space' I tend to work in chaos, pushing things to the back until there is no more workspace left and I am forced to tidy up. 
So there I sat crouched down trying to avoid the icy tendrils of wind, that snuck down my neck and nipped at my ears and nose. A beanie on my head and a ratty pair of fleecy tracky-daks over my jeans.

First came these. . .
Then these. . .

And with my muse griping and complaining about how cold her fingers were, and how hard it was to twist metal and how could you expect her to possibly handle all those tiny jump rings, came this
Not sure where I will go from here with this.
One earring?? necklace?? Will have to wait 'til my muse defrosts no doubt.
I'm off to light the pot belly stove and stir the homemade pea'n'ham soup that has been simmering all afternoon


  1. Wow, I thought mine was small. You are really squeezed in there aren't you. Your frosty muse has done you good though. Beautiful earrings. Especially the wrapped rock with squigglies.

  2. .....and thanks for the walrus comment on my blog. It is now the Walrus Inro.

  3. Wow - the cold seems to have ignited the creative fire of your muse (or yours!) ;) Love the recycled 'found' objects in the second pair of earrings - stroke of genius, Greer!

  4. BRRR! And it's just approaching summer here.

    Love the earrings...and that last piece with the gorgeous stone. Yum.

    Also, YUM on the soup. Sounds great!

  5. It's absolutely bloody freezing here in Victoria - my husband is doing his annual 'let's move to Queensland' thing. Love the earrings and that last piece is fabulous. Kate

  6. the miserable cold certainly didn't inhibit your creative flow. beautiful new work, Greer. Your spot looks cozy and a nice spot to wile away the hours. I'm wondering if it's due to get even colder. shiver :/

  7. Wonderful to find you,I noticed your wonderful work on Etsy and just had to stop by and say hello.I'm sorry to hear that you have to work in that icy cold...but if you keep creating like this..well..I may have to move there just to share in that creative muse!!heehee.
    "Warm"est Regards,