Looking Forward. . . Looking Back

It is tradition this time of year to look back over the past year and review events. And what a year it has been. Building a house at our age has been a challenge to say the least. My eyesight (or lack of it) has meant that I have not made a single piece of jewelry for over 12 months. Still the eye surgery is done now and this week I pick up my reading glasses.
We promised each other, if possible we would move into the house by Christmas and we have kept that promise to ourselves.

Still lots of temporary stuff, like the kitchen, but we are IN and I am content with where we currently are.
As it is summer, and so far, very hot nothing much will be done on the house. My husband has worked so hard to get to here so a break is what the needs and what he will get and besides there is plenty of cricket to watch on tv.
So this year holds more completion of the house, unpacking boxes, my new studio, creativity, contentment and no doubt some challenges, but bring it on!