Vanishing Point

Ok I have been, more or less, vanished for quite a few weeks now so, your'e probably asking yourself how she could possibly vanish further. We I can.
Tomorrow morning I board a bus with members of various art groups in the district, for a trip to the Sunshine Coast for a long weekend of arty goodness visiting various galleries and studios. Really looking forward to this!

Then I go on to Brisbane for a grandma baby sitting session for 2 weeks while my son and daughter-in-law take a very belated honeymoon. 
He surprised her on her birthday with air tickets to Italy and France. How romantic is that!
I will be left in charge of (or under the collective thumbs of) a 12yo, and a rambunctious 7 yo and a 3yo, and it's school holidays 
Have mercy!
I fully intend to undermine all forms of discipline. 
Making chocolate crackles, and puddings and cakes, lots of red cordial (just before they get back) Cubbies under the dining room table, running with scissors, drawing and painting, digging in the dirt, jumping on beds, singing at the top of our voices, and dressups.
I can do this stuff because no one will ever spank Grandma.
See you in a couple-a-weeks

In the Last 2 Weeks

I have managed to make this.

And our house now looks like this and my back aches and my knees creak - steel is sooo heavy.