In the Last 2 Weeks

I have managed to make this.

And our house now looks like this and my back aches and my knees creak - steel is sooo heavy.


  1. Quite the contrast there in creativity. From feminine to he-man. What a multi-tasker multi-talented woman you are.

  2. You have my sympathies, I've had to repair and repaint my wooden conservatory and porch. Hats off to you for still finding the time to do those delicious bangles

  3. You are building an entire house on your own!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I can see why you had to balance out the heavy metal girders with some pretty delicate pink stuff.
    I think that's what I went through with my old job running the heavy equipment, that's when I started making the jewelry!
    Take good care of yourself and don't overdo it!

  5. Bangles are lovely sweet. Nice touch with the rose tin rolls.
    Must feel good to see the house structure taking shape. Thanks for sharing. I've never seen a house built with steel this way.