Alien Tongue

Have been reading some science fiction short stories the last few week and they have wormed their way into my mind.
It is an intriguing idea that perhaps, in our distance past, alien feet stood upon the soil of Earth, alien eyes gazed upon the landscape and alien tongue was whispered to the waiting air. . . . 
Perhaps in our distant future alien eyes will stand on another planet, alien eyes will gaze upon that landscape and the alien tongue will be ours.


  1. Love the name, and the earrings... an eerie glow...

  2. Industrial celestial, hardware and soft light. Containment and escape. Lots of contrast in these earrings,

  3. Love that opal sky blue and deep copper, great combo.

  4. Wow, Greer - your creativity is really soaring. Love all your new pieces. Those rolled kuchi earrings... sigh!
    Looks like you have to get back to building the nest - now that the building material has arrived - I really can't wait to see the outcome.