Bead Table Frenzy !

errr I mean Bead Table Wednesday. 
On second thoughts after looking at my desk was right the first time.
And that's just a portion of the mess. I have really out done myself this time - goes around the corners and down both sides.

First I made/found a few polymer clay moulds
Naturally I forgot to take any photos of the steps between, but this is the result. A mob of polymer clay pendants and bezels

A cute little midnight owl. Love how this one turned out so think he's a keeper
 Two little nestling baby birds. The one on the left is on a brown clay background and the other on white. Not sure of these probably need more work.
Two poppy field bezels again white and brown clay backgrounds. Think these are keepers.

3 starfish variations.
A couple of texture experiments. Really like the left one.
And a little ladybird bezel.

Now my penance for all this activity and chaos is to clean up the Grunge Studio. . . . 


  1. What fun! Love all the pendants!

  2. Wow - you have been busy! I think this is what pent up creativity might look like. Love your molds and that bottom starfish is wonderful!
    And oh - that stick insect is fascinating - even though I am glad that the insects here don't get that big...