What is sprummer you may well ask?
Well as the northern latitudes slowly slide gently into autumn, here in subtropical Queensland, we are at the end of the cool season - (read winter) and also well into the dry. Not for us the gentle awakening of spring, soft rain, blue skies, bulbs pushing up from the ground, soft green leaves unravelling and blossoms on bare boughs.
We get sprummer.
As the orbit of the earth grows closer to the sun and the axis tilts, suddenly the heat of summer has arrived. The air is filled with dust and haze and the smoke from fires that break out this time of the year. Some of the subtropical trees are beginning to drop their leaves in preparation for new growth when the rains come. In the mean time we are hot, and dry with itchy eyes and hanging out for the first storms of the season to bring cooling rain to renew the land.

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