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Take These Broken Wings - romantic rusted assemblage mis-matched tribal pewter pink gemstones earrings
Take These Broken Wings
Rust, dark pewter and pale dreamy pink.
Oh, and yes that cute little round thingy is a hammered press stud and yes you can nick this idea!

 Ghost Nets
 Edgy, gritty and definitely unhinged!
 Environmental Statement earrings.

Ghost nets are fishing nets that have been lost accidentally, or deliberately discarded at sea.. They travel the oceans of the world with the currents and tides, continually fishing as they progress through the waters. They.trap a wide range of marine species including turtles, dolphins, whales, seabirds, dugong, crabs, fish and sharks.

Marine debris is such a danger to the marine environment that it is a 'Key Threatening Process.'

These gritty, edgy environmental statement earrings have been designed from salvaged metals patinaed to look as though they have spent years in the ocean. The aqua apatite nuggets represent the sea through which the nets have trawled.


  1. Fantastic! The ghost nets remind me of the lobster traps that you can see washed up at one place at Acadia National Park in Maine on Mount Desert Island at a place called Wonderland. The beach also features some of the most beautiful worn down rocks. It's quite a juxtaposition with the wire traps and the stones.
    You captured the crusty wonderfully.
    Thanks for joining my blog. I can see that I'm going to have fun scrolling back to some of your older posts on yours.
    xoxo Kim

  2. These are both so great!! I really like the first one because I know I would wear those, but the second ones (with their reference to the water) really touch my soul. Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful new work...these ought to go fast. They have just the right element of rusty, aged and meaningfulness...
    like a lot of fine artists, your work needs to be discovered. I have put these both on my pinterest and favorite on Etsy.
    I love the rusty...I wonder if we have that product here in the US.

    Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and your oh so right on comment. Your a sweet new friend..
    Cheers and gd, day...and have a violet crumble for me!

  4. Both pair are awesomeness! Love them both...what a great story with the second ones.

  5. ghost nets are brilliant! really dead cool making there.
    thanks for the comment and the nails got a better chance now the nylons finally gone :)

  6. I love the ghost nets. The wrapping connections, patina(s), etc. are all just perfect and the earrings really manage to convey an overall organic, congruous quality that is probably the most difficult part in mastering assemblage style jewelry.

    Anyway--I was wondering if you know if the metal nets/mesh are the same type that might have been used in old (mid century) medical field kits? I have some that looks very similar to this. I can't remember now what the usage was--I think it's armature for plaster or temporary splints. It must be the same or similar enough--looks just like it. I had a devil of a time trying to file it after cutting--I actually gave up. Did this file easily for you? Any idea what the metal content is?

  7. Hey - absolutely lovin' these - gritty and awesome.