Nailed It!

In my previous post I outlined the harrowing journey to take a tacky-placky hanging half mannequin to my idea of visual perfection.
This was where I got to. . . 

 A grey coating of paint. Then I proceded to sand the daylights out of it in order to banish the dreaded shine.

Better but still not matte enough.

What I really need is a matte finish paint.
A trip to our local hardware store and a can of blackboard (chalkboard to you) paint later.
So splooged in (yes it is a word) some light wall paint to make it grey and started to mix. That's odd, I thought and mixed harder. Then the slow glowing light of realisation began to dawn in the dark and chaotic recesses of my mind. Checked the tin, and yep the old bird had added water based paint to a tin of solvent based paint. (Write out 100 times I must check the labels before proceeding).

Well, that was that or so I thought. 
Then I remembered that squirreled away somewhere was a tin of rust effect paint. The base coat was a mix of very fine ferrous particles. Tore a storage shelf apart and there it was, right behind the rusting liquid right behind the powdered borax, right behind - oh you get the picture!
Stirred the pot thoroughly to mix the particles, and that was another whole to-do, as it had been there so long that I think creatures had died and drifted into the sediment layers and were now fossilised. Applied a couple of coats to the dummy. Next morning it was still tacky, but after an hour or so in the baking Queensland sun it was dry. A little sanding to expose the particles and by Golly Miss Molly think I've nailed it!

What do ya think????

Now if anyone else is think of taking this exciting journey - glue the paper, forget all the other steps and go straight for the rust effect paint, that is unless you want your dummy to go from size 10 to size 14 like mine. In that case follow all the steps.



  1. Your adventures are astounding and your writing is hilarious, Greer. Good on ya! But now you have all those exposed ferrous particles. Methinks your mannequin is going to start to rust... maybe only in the rainy season.
    When I want something in matt, I just use ordinary water based wall paint.