Inching Forward

I feel rather like a looper caterpillar (inch worm to you) except I am stuck at the top of the loop and not stretching out to move.
My husband's illness has been rather consuming. Getting the drug benefit v's the side effects balance has been a thrilling ride I can tell you. After 2 months of experimenting with dose rate (fingers crossed) I think we may have the beast under control.
In the makies department I been delving into more vitreous enamel.
Just to show you I haven't been slack the next selection went to my shop.

Look soldered bezel. Torch fired enamel and little grungy cup shapes like coral on a reef. Tried torching little balls to hold the whole shebang together but there was too much of a heat sink so (cheat alert) I wired them on.
 Overfired liquid enamel.
Some grungy matte texture
Marine theme with cute little sand dollar lampies. And these. . . 

Followed by a selection for the local Gallery

And finishing with a peek at some work in progress.


  1. So excited to see a new post from you, your new pieces are so beautiful!Sorry to hear about your husband, hope he feels better...Love what you did with the soldered bezel, it does look like coral ~ pure awesomeness! <3

  2. Hate to hear that you and your husband have been battling his illness. Hope his Meds provide relief soon. Your enamel work is fascinating. Unique and inspired. Especially like your overfired earrings. Fabulous!