Where Do I Start?

Where actually do I start???

After a 14 month hiatus this question has been rattling around in my brain.
OK I now have most things where I want them.
My metal corner desk is yet to be finished and clearly I need 3 chairs.

The seat on my venerable vintage office chair had succumbed to a long line of the unceremonious plonking of venerable vintage bottoms (mine included) and the front edge broke. So with a spray of paint, new seat and some fabric I found stashed away the old girl's good to go again.
Ya gotta smile with galloping geckos on you chair.

I could do more organising and design some more shelving. . . or 
perhaps move the drawers around or do some more research on Pinterest or . . . .

Do you detect a smidgen of procrastination happening? Yeah you're right.

I've looked at some Ufo's and for the life of me can't think where I was going with them. I've crooned 'my precious' over just about every bead, and component I possess but

Where Do I Start?

I decided it was better to sorta slide back into things, rather than a full frontal bull-in-a-china-shop attack. But to slide with what?

Had bought a few tutorials during my period of visual impairment so had a look at them and decided that the HEADPIN TUTORIAL from Fanciful Devices was a good place to start.

 Here's my setup. Bottle caps with Utee and mica powder, a scented candle with a bit of aluminium flyscreen for heat and the bonus of the delicious scent of vanilla wafting around. A container of iced water to set the utee quickly and various headpins. 

An hour or so later have lots of headpins. This is just a selection.
Top ones are on seed beads, then next ones that look like

ummmmmmmm ........ well they do!

are done on a little paddle headed pin like this that I got from Patina Queen on Etsy 

 The last ones are made with the same paddle headed pin with a tube bead. Like them ├žos they look like teeny weeny champagne bottles.

The bottle tops are really too shallow and I just found some olive oil lids, (cold pressed virgin of course) that are deeper and will be much better, plus will be able to add a widdle wire handle.

There, that wasn't so hard and it was fun. Now have some more ideas fluttering around that I will have to try.



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  1. Nice way to slide back into the making - love your results and am looking forward to seeing your percolating inspirations come to life. I will be taking apart my 'studio' space shortly - due for a total overhaul, stripping down to the flooring...