Two Tonne of Topsoil

That's what I have probably washed off the storage containers, bead boxes, chests of drawers, shelves, my clothes, hands and hair. There was also rodent crap and cockroach legs.
I once made earrings from lacquered koala poo as a fundraiser for wildlife rescue but I doubt that rat shit would be greeted with anything other than horror and disgust unlike the 'awwwww - cute koala-kack,' which, even with lacquer, still smelled of eucalyptus.

More dirt, a bin of leaves and twigs. the reproachful glares of displaced spiders, one fat gecko no doubt responsible for the cockroach legs and returned to a safe place in the shed. Lots of trolly wheeling, lumping boxes, searching for missing stuff, assembly, measuring and stacking.
All for this. . . . 


Isn't it awesome?????

Aren't you jealous??????

Yeah I'm jealous too .....

Now before the hate and flame mail starts about passing off and misappropriation, this neat, tidy, tool filled space of awesomeness belongs to artist and silversmith Kirk Burkett of Virginia. Tool porn, lust and envy to the fore.

It is customary to open things with popping champagne corks but in this case, one hissing beer can will have to suffice.

I present the all singing all dancing INSIDE studio!

There is also a corner reserved for the metal bench when I find an old desk or the materials to build one. The desk will be rolled across the door, where the wind will vent outside for soldering, burning things with the torch, sanding and grinding, the application of toxic chemicals and, should the occasion arise, the disposal of nuclear fallout.

Take a looooong hard look, go on, I can assure you right now

it will never look this tidy again EVER!


  1. I'm in love! Oh, have such fun as you never had before....

  2. Congratulations Greer! Since it is just past 7 in the morning, the almost inaudible whispering of my cappuccino will have to join the hiss of your celebratory beverage. It must fill you with such satisfaction... a lovely space, full of light. I look forward to seeing the great things that will come out of this wonderful studio.

  3. this is wonderful - filled table tops will show the workings of active hands and brimming imagination - go for it!