My Poor Neglected Tools

All the damp from last year's floods and the steady sifting down of dust, like the layers and layers falling slowly to the ocean floor have wrought havoc.

Normally I love a rusty, crusty surface but, perhaps not so good on my tools.
Ok a date has been made.

Several hours later . . . much better!

Half a box of steel wool, most of the can of WD40 gone, and outa fine sand paper. Some anally retentive types even go on polishing so that the light *blings* off the surface. But I am not that enthusiastic.

The WD40 label assures me that I will no longer squeek, my parts will be loosened and so will my mechanisms. Bring it on! 

I also have . . .

Rough nails and rusted cuticles, very little nail polish, ingrained dirt, sore hands and almost no finger prints.

What, you thought I should have worn gloves?
What kinda namby-pamby sissy wears gloves?
My hands have earned all of the above, rather like my wrinkles, trophies to be worn with pride. 


  1. Love this post Greer, great to see the tools getting primed for some new work! Gloves, smoves!

  2. I love rust but not on the tools. I guess this means you'll be getting back to some creating!

  3. A maker's hands...beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your work once more.

  4. Love your hands! You make things! You don't sit around admiring your manicure~~

  5. Those are my hands! I have to go back for repeat fingerprinting when applying for a new green card, etc., because mine have all gone. I tell them it's all the washing up I do at home which annoys Peter immensely as he's usually the one doing the cleaning while I'm off out in the studio ;)