Inching Along

The 'Grunge Studio' that was in the open shed

has been packed into boxes, dust, leaves, spider crap, rodentia and all and now resides in 'Our Gunyah'.

My future studio has become the repository for everything that does not, as yet, have a permanent home. Piles of linen, towels, blankets, pillows, books, magazines, suitcases and assorted bags, boxes of photographs and laundry baskets in varying stages of being emptied.

Everything was waiting for this. 
 The fit out of the linen cupboard and the filling of shelving therein. 
Almost finished and the blank canvas is being slowly exposed.


  1. Yay for every step forward! It must feel fantastic to slowly get your life back out of boxes... although, it is strange sometimes, how little we miss all the stuff that is packed away... at least, that is my experience. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday, Greer!

  2. What a long road this has been for you. Your home is light filled and lovely!

  3. That is the cleanest, most organized grunge I've ever seen! Congrats, Greer- You're almost done!