Done Something

My metal table fitted into the corner just nicely, but everything I wanted was, you guesses it, the other side of the room. Just about wore a track between the two areas soooooo a re-shuffle was in order.
Moved the tables around and now have a little 'nest' that I can spin around in and I don't have to get out of my chair to get into the drawers and storage. Bonus!
 Along the wall I now have another narrow table. This was the first piece of furniture my husband made, now over 30 year old and has been hauled all over the country, a little worse for wear but now has a new life.
So is this all???? 
No have started on another piece and here is a sneak peek
And that's all ima gonna tell ya.

But so as you don't go away disappointed, played with some polymer clay a la Shipwreckdandy's faceted bead technique. I even made a very simple cane something I haven't done for 10 years.
Going into the local art gallery gift shop just in time for the 'grey nomad' winter migration north. 

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  1. Lovely nest you have there. All that natural light is wonderful for a studio. Perfect for spinning in your chair. Beautiful faceted beads. Great job on the cane too!