Down a Rabbit Hole . . .

My local Art Society are running some terrific workshops this year, a chance to try out new and different mediums with some good tutors.
The latest one was working in pastel.
Have dabbled a little in pastel and found the texture of the pastel paper confronting - like drawing on a road surface. The other thing I found frustrating about pastels is colours. Unlike watercolour or acrylic in which you just mix the desired colour, with pastel I had to constantly think how I was going to get the shade I needed.
So introducing "Teddy Renoir".
   and his friend "Miss Teddy".
I am now the owner of some 'proper' artists pastels and looking forward to working on a larger scale.


  1. They are a adorable did an amazing job.....

  2. Adorable! Is there anything you can't do?