Trailer Load #1

The 70 boxes I packed are all in the trailer.
And yes I know exactly what is in every single one of them. Most of them will not be opened for 6 months or longer so opening and going through 70 boxes to find something ain't gonna happen - not with this little black duck! Organised/obsessive/compulsive me has the boxes numbered and all is written into the little red book.
(I'm not game to tell DH how many boxes of books there are)

Doesn't look much does it?
But its a full car trailer load probably around a tonne and will keep the old Landrover Discovery honest.

Jim, accompanied by Gidgee the kelpie will leave in a few days to drop the load off in the shed.
I , aided and abetted by Jarrah the other kelpie, will serreptitiously pack all the other books, so shhhhhhhhh this is secret squirrel stuff!


  1. Greer, moving is such a lot of work. My back aches just looking at your trailer full. Good luck with the move. I'm looking forward to seeing the new property and progress reports on the building.

  2. i'm going thru the same thing. moving is soooo stressfufl!

  3. Wishing you a good move - it is such a lot of work! Best wishes for everything!
    Sorry if this is a stupid question - but will you have internet access and be able to keep in touch?

  4. best wishes Greer.. All the best for you and your husband....