Into the Wilderness

By this afternoon all the will be left in the house will be our blow-up mattress. A lonely piece of comfort in our home that used to be filled with "us" The rooms echo with emptyness, the cupboards are bare. 
On a brighter note the place has never been soooo clean and tidy!

Our "downstairs children" have been a great help lifting the heavy stuff and are feeding us tonight.
Our new "upstairs children" will be moving in Sunday, so the house will be a home again.

We are sad to be leaving the house and all the wildlife and friends we have, but fate has dealt us this hand, and we must play it to our best advantage.

Tomorrow we vanish into the wilderness


  1. Happy travels and new adventures. You'll keep us updated on the progress of the new home, right? I'd love to see photos.

  2. i cross my fingers for you... even if you have hope in front of you.. leave your house have to be so so so dificult!! best regards Greer!

  3. Dear Greer - such tough times for you and your family - wishing you all the best for times to come. Vicki.