Voice from the Wilderness

We have arrived safely and are concentration on making our temporary nest as comfortable as possible.
Will post photos as soon as I can find the filing cabinet and load the camera software.
So far am not missing our old house - except for long hot showers.  In fact it feels like we have always been here. Peace, quiet, soft birdcalls, some gentle rain, being woken by the calls of kookaburras instead of traffic. Sitting by generator light listening to the radio, talking and playing cards. Taking the dogs for a morning walk at sunrise. I thing I'm going to love it here!


  1. Good to hear from you, Greer. Sounds idyllic. I can hear the kookaburras :-)

  2. Greer, I'm so glad you getting some peace and are enjoying the simple things in life. It sounds wonderful and I'm glad you're there.