Changes and Challenges

We shouldn't be here in this house!
The house should have been sold 6 month ago and we should be miles away on our property in the bush building our new house, making vegie gardens and planting fruit trees, and above all enjoying our 'tree-change' retirement. But we're not.

10 years ago while involved in a business my husband and partners signed a document, and as a result he has become embroiled in a legal dispute with a giant multi national company.
For 6 months our life has been on hold. It's like living in molasses, holding our breath and worring that everything my husbad has worked for may be taken away.
To make matters worse, we still have a morgtage and our modest income cannot cover all the payments and we have to dip into our house fund.

So I got mad!
Bugger It! I refuse to allow this multi national company to dominate our life! I refuse to live with negativity, uncertainty and fear , I refuse to sit and wait and I refuse to accept being where I do not wish to be!!!
The solicitors can all do as they will and we will deal with the outcome when it is all done and dusted.
What will be will be

So the house is rented and we are packing like mad as we aim to be out by August 21. Our tennants are 2 brothers and their partners, friends of our daughter. Lovely people so the house is in good hands.
(Deadlines like this make you realise how much crap umm valuable resources, you have collected over the years and there is some serious culling going on )

The challenges are to come.
Coping with living in a small caravan and a galvanised iron farm shed with a dirt floor. No reticulated water and no mains power. I can handle this much better than the current shit.  At least we are back in control. I own land and there is enough money to build the house to lock-up. The worst that can happen is we have to go back to work to finish it.

Boy that felt good!


  1. Yay Greer - you go girl !! you have grabbed control.. Sounds like very stressful times but you are back in the drivers seat. Well done and good luck with it all. Vicki :)

  2. Greer - I'm glad you're taking control ... being in limbo is very difficult ... and causes more anxiety than you'll experience living in the bush in a tin can. It's unfortunate ... you work your whole life to build security for your family and at the end ... when it's your time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work ... someone tries to take it away. I will pray that these legal dealings will resolve in a way that will benefit you and your husband.

  3. Sorry to hear of this situation - but goodonya! for taking back the reins!!! I hope everything turns out well and will keep you in my prayers!

  4. so sorry for you and your husband... what a sad story!!! you ae very strong!! all my positives thoughs for you 2!! good luck !