Two Bob Each Way

Playing both sides against the middle, hedging my bets, multiple choice, preferences, alternatives.
OK OK I confess - couldn't make up my mind.

So you can have a necklet or a braclace . . . Vintaj brass vintaj brass bracelet bracelet gemstones gemstones czech glass czech glass boho boho indy indy


  1. I personally think its a fabulous idea having a convertible piece of jewelry. And its so cute too! Lovely.

  2. Came to your Blog via Andrew's and so glad I did. I agree with Rose, great idea to be able to wear it either way. You know how we women like to change our minds and have several choices.

  3. such a pretty piece, love the lady bug bead!

    hey, thanks for visiting my blog, i'll have to check my diet more closely. i know i can't have too many nuts, cuz that will make my hormonal headaches worse. thanks!


  4. Best solution ever! :)
    I love everything about this, the versatility, the beads, the colours, and especially the cute little ladybug. Great style of pendants, I really couldn't decide which of the recent pieces is my favourite, they're all awesome!

  5. Those are cute- regards Stefanie